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    “I love being able to tell how long she's sleeping, track her naps and diaper changes. The sleep coaching was introduced when my daughter was 4ish months and it has worked wonders (seriously - we went from 10 hours of broken nighttime sleep and 30 minute naps to 11+ hours of solid sleep and 2 hour long naps).”


    February 10, 2021

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    “The sensor has been so helpful, particularly at night to see feeding and sleep routines clearly. This week my baby has been a bit unwell so it’s been really helpful to check when he last had a wet nappy to make sure he’s getting enough fluids. Also helps because I don’t have to disturb him to check if his nappy is wet.”


    November 20, 2019

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    “I just love this product. Kylee covers all of the topics and you can take and choose what works or doesn't work without her saying this is the only way to do it. Even if you're not going to do any sleep coaching at all whatsoever, this product is still helpful - understanding how babies sleep, the fundamentals of sleep, seeing your baby's sleep progress and how to set up a sleep environment is a game changer. This product is applicable to everybody that wants their baby to sleep better.”


    November 18, 2020

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    “The sleep tracking stuff really helped us getting into a regular routine. We now sleeps much longer, with less middle of the night wake-ups. Yay!”


    November 23, 2020

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    “With 2 kiddos 2 years and under, Lumi has been an extremely helpful. It keeps me on track to remember my little ones ever evolving schedule while chasing around my toddler. It has been my favorite baby item with number 2 and wish I had it with my first.”


    January 25, 2020

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    “Took 6 days, paying attention closely to the advice and insights Lumi gave, and we saw a big improvement with our son's sleep (bad sleeper). So helpful that I wanted to recommend to the parents. Don't Give up- there are tools to improve sleep.”


    October 22, 2020

Why choose Lumi ?

Expert coaching & insights

Only Lumi combines professional sleep coaching with personalized insights about your baby’s sleep for fast results

Effortless sleep tracking

Get a complete picture of baby’s sleep so you can identify where to improve

Make sleep training easier

Our science-based approach helps parents make sleep training easier and more effective

Sounder sleep is at your fingertips

Expert Sleep Coaching

Step-by-step tutorials cover nap and sleep fundamentals for babies 0-14+ weeks, and safe and proven sleep training methods for babies 4-16 months

Comprehensive sleep system

Seamlessly track baby’s sleep and get personalized sleep insights to easily identify where and how to intervene, and track progress over time

Wonderweeks leaps included

Discover baby’s developmental milestones and leaps with insights and tips on how to help your baby cope

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