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Lumi’s app-based sleep coaching and tracking tools will have your baby sleeping better in just 7 days

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We went from 10 hours of broken nighttime sleep and 30-minute naps to 11+ hours of solid sleep and 2-hour naps. ”
— Nicole

Sleep issues, solved

Is your baby fighting naps? Waking frequently throughout the night? Struggling through sleep regressions? Lumi’s app-based Smart Sleep Coach will help you:

  • Teach your baby to fall asleep independently using gentle methods
  • Solve developmental sleep regressions all the way to 16 months
  • Set a reliable routine of longer, more frequent naps
  • Set healthy sleep habits right from the start
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Expert sleep coaching within reach

Lumi’s pediatric sleep experts take you through 17 easy-to-follow coaching tutorials, covering everything from newborn sleep fundamentals, to tips for happy napping, and safe and proven sleep training techniques for babies up to 16 months.


    Dr. Craig Canapari

    Pediatrician & Director of the Pediatric Sleep Center. Specializes in the care of babies with sleep issues


    Kylee Money

    Pediatric sleep consultant with 20 years of experience helping families get better sleep

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Sounder sleep is at your fingertips

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Easy in-app tracking for faster results

The first step to improving your baby’s sleep is understanding their current habits. Easily track awake windows, naps and overnight sleep stretches, and even feeding schedules, all from within the app.

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Better nights, day after day

See your baby’s sleep improving over time with daily & weekly sleep insights reports that show progress toward your sleep goals and identify opportunities for even more improvement.

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Sleep Matters

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Sleep is when memories are stored, and when most of babies’ crucial brain development happens

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Good sleep now can help with behavior and learning, and reduce risk of obesity, later on

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Moms whose babies sleep well are at lower risk for postpartum depression

Better sleep is an achievable dream

    At Lumi we believe every family deserves better sleep. And our mission is to make it easier to get there with expert coaching and seamless sleep tracking to help baby settle, drift off and stay asleep … all night long, right from the start.
Ready for better nights and brighter days?
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Does the Lumi Smart Sleep Coach work?

Absolutely! In fact, parents who combine the expert video tutorials with rigorous tracking, see results up to 3x faster than parents who don’t track.

Is Sleep Training safe for my baby?

Yes, sleep training is safe for your baby. The Lumi Smart Sleep Coach was co-developed with Dr. Canapari, a pediatrician who specializes in the care of children with sleep problems. Every sleep training method presented is science-backed, safe, and proven to help babies sleep better.
We cover multiple methods in our sleep coaching series to fit your parenting style.

Does the Smart Sleep Coach offer multiple methods of sleep training to choose from?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of proven sleep and nap training methods, so you can choose the method that best suits your family.

How long does it take for my baby’s sleep to improve?

Many parents who use Lumi tell us that they see improvement in as little as 7 days, however it is different for every baby. It will depend largely on the method you decide to use, and how consistently you follow the steps in the method.

Some elements, such as improving your baby's sleeping environment, can even have an immediate effect.

When can I start with the Lumi Smart Sleep coach? What age is it appropriate for?

0-16 months. Sleep is a journey and some elements, such as establishing a bedtime routine and creating an ideal sleep environment, can be implemented as soon as you bring your child home from the hospital – we cover this in the Newborn Fundamentals Series.

More typically it is around 3-4 months of age when the window opens for behavioral sleep training which is simply teaching your baby to fall asleep without you present. It’s a good idea to check if your baby is ready with your Pediatrician.

Have I left it too late? My baby seems too old to sleep train?

It’s never too late to sleep train – while we cover in-depth topics for babies from 0-16 months, what you’ll learn with the Lumi Smart Sleep Coach are fundamental to understanding how to master your baby’s sleep.

How long do I have access?

Our subscription options are: 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months access.

I’m pregnant, can I purchase and use later?

Absolutely. Many of our parents complete the Sleep Coaching Video tutorials before their baby arrives so that they can be one step ahead of their baby’s sleep and implement healthy sleep habits from day one.

What is sleep training?

Sleep training is a process that will help your baby fall asleep independently and because of that, be able to ‘stay asleep’. If they wake during the night (like we all do) they will know how to put themselves back to sleep.

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